Kalderos' 2023 annual report unveils a collaborative game plan for drug discount stakeholders. The report spotlights the mounting tensions among key drug discount players, providing context on each stakeholder's systemic challenges and offering an innovative and equitable game plan for collaboration.

This was the third iteration of the company's annual report, and each year our team created a new campaign from scratch to match the theme. This year's theme, Mission Critical: Bringing stakeholders together so everyone wins, was brought to life through the lens of a pixel-based drug discount world that housed our narrative from start to finish.
Campaign design
Data visualization
Book design
Digital design
Website build
For the 2023 campaign, a printed version of the report was produced to accompany the website and PDF version for a tactile takeaway. This printed piece was mailed to key Kalderos customers and prospects.
The report was promoted through organic and paid social media, email and a webinar hosted by Kalderos thought leaders.
Team credits: Shannon McNary, Lee Zelenak, Jon Saxton, Desirina Frew, Mark Kosin, Mo Wynne, Amanda Guss