United Airlines Digital Ecosystem
While at IA Collaborative, I worked on a series of projects aimed at taking a user-centered approach to develop a new system of digital tools and redefine United's travel experience. The redesign of United’s website and ticket purchasing was the first project we partnered on.
my role
Web design, Digital design, Concepting, Ethnographic research, Facilitation
A complete redesign of United’s website and ticket purchasing experience. The site captures more than $1 million in ticket sales every hour, and accounts for roughly 90% of the company’s revenue.
We created a design system and detailed visual guide for every screen and interaction that occurs during the flight purchasing experience. This guide was handed off to the internal United development team who completed the website build.
In addition to a detailed design system, we created a set of design principles that the internal United design team used as a guide to expand the updated visual design language to all of their digital touchpoints.